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South Devon Runners to Take on 24-Hour Endurance Challenge for Armed Forces Charity

A group of runners from South Devon will be attempting a 24-hour endurance challenge in aid of the Royal British Legion. Barrie Fitzpatrick, Ryan Griffiths, Mark Beaumont, Rich Lane and Mark Bramley will take turns running 15-minute stints on a treadmill over a 24-hour period. 

Cornwood Cricket Club members Barrie and Ryan are both hobbyist runners

The event is set to take place at Cornwood Cricket Club, where Barrie and Ryan are both long-standing members. The challenge will begin at 5.30pm on Friday 21st June, and conclude 24 hours later. The participants will be running on a treadmill set up outside the pavilion, allowing cricket players and spectators to offer their support to the runners as they complete their challenge.

Four of the five participants share a connection with the armed forces, having retired from positions in the Royal Navy. Barrie, who recently retired following twenty-two years of submarine service, expressed confidence in the team’s ability to complete the challenge. He stated: ‘the team have strong links to the Legion, and know just how important their work is in supporting serving and retired armed forces personnel and their families’.

‘With one of the runners being a retired police officer, the entire team understands the challenge ahead of them. Long hours of hard physical work coupled with sleep deprivation will take its toll, but at the same time, we are looking forward to the elation of success at reaching that 24-hour mark’.

Barrie will also be running the London Marathon in 2025 in aid of the Royal British Legion. The money raised from the endurance challenge will go towards securing his sponsorship for the event.

Inspired by witnessing family and friends run marathons to raise money for worthy causes, Barrie said: ‘with my military background, I knew that the Royal British Legion was the right charity for me. I hope that people will be able to contribute what they can to continue their good work.’

The team encourages the community to show their support as they prepare to take on this demanding challenge. Donations can be made by visiting the fundraising page on the Royal British Legion website, created for this event.

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